Get On Yammer (What is Yammer?)

Looking for database passwords and research tips from your Goizueta Business Library Team?   We moved from First Class to our new Goizueta Online Community, powered by Yammer.   You'll find all the content you used to see in the Alumni Library Information Conference on FCin the new GBS Library for Alumni group on Yammer.   Have a job or need a job?  While you're joining Yammer, add the GBS 6-Degrees group too! 

The attached document has all the details about the switch; below is the short answer to  “how do I get set up?” 

Get Your Yammer Account!

  1. Yammer is a private enterprise social network meaning only vetted users are allowed in.  Please go to to request your Yammer account. (If you’ve already done this for GBS 6-Degrees or GBS Alumni, jump down to step 3). 
  2. We will send you a Yammer invite to the email address you specify (typically within 1-2 business days).  Follow the quick steps in the invite to create your account.
  3. Once in the Emory Alumni network, click on Browse groups on the left hand side, where you'll see a group called GBS Library for Alumni. Click Join. 
  4. A business librarian will approve your request.  This group is for all GBS Alumni!