First Research

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The Goizueta Business Library is pleased to provide all Goizueta Business School alumni free remote access to First Research.

Passwords for First Research are available for immediate download in Yammer (what's Yammer?) or by request using this form.

What's in First Research?

  • 13 page reports for over 200 industries. check out the call prep question - a great resource for preparing for job interviews!
  • Reports are updated every 90 days; only most recent report is available.
  • Each industry report includes: overview, competitive landscape, products and operations, sales and marketing, recent developments, business challenges, trends and opportunities, executive perspective, interview preparation questions, financial analysis and industry forecast.

Access to the alumni databases, including the sharing of user names and passwords, is limited to Goizueta Business School alumni only, for personal enrichment and career research. Violation of this policy may result in loss of alumni privileges.  Users are individually responsible for compliance with these terms.