Business Research Tips

Goizueta Business Library Guides

Goizueta Business Library Guides   Created by Goizueta's Business Librarians, these recommend sources, tips, and research strategies for industry, course, career, and subject-specific topics.  Many databases are limited to current students, faculty, and staff at Goizueta, however, you will also see many free links.


Professional associations and organizations are an excellent resource for gathering information on an industry or market segment. Many offer newsletters, listservs, publications, job listings. Also, look to local chapter websites for meetings and other networking opportunities with the association members

Great sources of industry facts, statistics, and trends.   Select data is often posted on Association's home page; look for links to "Industry Facts" or  links to publications and recommended web sites.  Don't stop at the web site; call and speak with someone to identify additional sources of information.

Advanced Google

Target your results in Google with some power-search strategies to bring the best results to the top of your results page.

Are you looking for information from an organization, and want to eliminate the commercial website results?  Add site:org (for organizations) or site:gov (for government sties) to the end of your search.  Google will only retrieve information from URLs with that ending.  For example, real estate site:gov retrieves information from the BLS, HUD and other government departments. 

Synonyms (~)
If you are searching for a word that has several common synonyms, use the tilde sign before the term to include synonyms. For example, ~equity - retrieves pages with matches to: stocks, investments, and capital.  You can also combine this with other search terms.

Many times a white paper or research document will be in PDF, similarly, data may be in XLS.  Searching for these types of files will pull the most relevant data to the top of your search page.

You may also want to review Google’s advanced search page, which offers many ways to target your search.

New York Public Library's Science, Industry and Business Library (SIBL)

New York Public Library Science, Industry & Business Library (SIBL)   The documents in the Research Guides section ask and answer the questions relevant to formulating good research strategies (for example, is the company U.S. or foreign-based; is it public or private), then provide links to the most relevant sources