H1B Visas

Strategy for your U.S. Job Search as an International Student

Recommended databases and books as you start your U.S. career research: 

Wall Street Oasis: Recorded webinars include Recruiting Strategies for International Students/Professionals

VaultVault Guide to the International MBA Job Search

The International Advantage: Get Noticed. Get Hired!
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LinkedIn for International Students
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Power Ties: The International Student's Guide to Finding a Job in the U.S.
Print: HF5382.75 .U6 B43 

3 Steps to Your Job in the USA : Go from F-1 to H-1B
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Quick Search: H1B Employer Data Hub

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) provides The H1B Employer Data Hub to quickly search for firms that have applied to sponsor H1B Visas in the past.  

Detailed Lists of US Companies that Sponsored H1Bs last year

The US Department of Labor's Foreign Labor Certification (FLC) Data Center 's Case Disclosure Files provide a list of firms who have applied to sponsor H1B visas in the past.   The compensation data included in this file is based on prevailing wage data.  

You may download the raw data in Excel  to sort and filter as you wish via the file structure.

To simplify your browsing, you may also download the above data pre-filtered by several popular data sorts, including salary and with some professional classifications not typically pursued by graduating business school students removed (pilots, physicians, professors, etc).  

  1. H1Bs in the common BBA salary range
  2. H1Bs in the common MBA salary range
  3. H1Bs in the common MSBA salary range
  4. H1Bs in the greater Atlanta metro area  - all salaries, all professions

 For all files, use your Emory log in.   

Locate firms with locations both in the US and internationally

Uniworld: American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries & Foreign Firms Operating in the United States

Create customized lists of domestic companies that have a have operations in over 200 countries.  Search by country, region, state, company name, industry codes and revenue.  Results include parent contact information (address, contact names, sales, number of employees, etc.) and the subsidiary operation contact information; the operations can be wholly or partially owned, subsidiaries, affiliates or branches. 


Identify companies based on parent and subsidiary location, and includes 182,000 companies, with 62,000 international parent companies.

Find more sources > Directory of Corporate Affiliations

Search: Parent (country) and United States

for example: Parent (Spain) and United States

Learning Languages

Students enrolled at Emory are considered DeKalb County residents and have access to Mango Languages through the DeKalb County Public Library.

See the DeKalb County Public Library's databases page under "Language Learning" for more information. You may access the resource remotely with your library card. 

  • "The basic course (10 lessons) focuses on polite greetings and small talk and is perfect for patrons who are planning a short trip to a foreign country, or for those who want to get a taste of a foreign language and culture.
  • The complete course (100 lessons) is designed for patrons who already know the basics of a culture and a language, and want to increase their vocabulary, improve grammar and speak more fluently."

International Networking

Do you want to work outside the U.S. or for a multi-national company? Consider interning or volunteering with a consulate's trade representative or a foreign chamber of commerce. 

  • Global Georgia  - The State of GA. has overseas offices and many countries have consultants and trade offices in Atlanta. Check the Events Calendar as well as People & Companies in the News.
  • World Trade Center of Atlanta - Check out the Events and News section.   Volunteer at an event, read the newsletter to learn about other organizations. WTC is part of a global network - check for an office in a state or country of interest to you.