Salary Surveys for Benchmarking

Self Reported Data

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Company & Industry Reported Data

Salary Data from the top 25 MBA programs

Government resources: Salary data from the BLS

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) includes a variety of salary data.

A handy salary calculator using thier data is available via GoodCalculators: Salary Calculator by State. 

For detailed data, review the BLS Occupational Employment Statistics.  These include survey data sets for state and metro area salary data covering over 800 occupations.  An easy way to browse to this data is with O*Net.  Search your profession of interest, and then click on the salaries tab in the result. 

Consider their customizable salary survey form:
1. select an area
2. select a category (for example: Executive, administrators and managers)
3. chose a level (the "get help" is great for this)
4. add the choices to your selection and then click "get data."
Tip - the data opens in a pop up window, so make sure your pop up blocker is turned off!

BLS also provides some great regional compensation charts that are also quite helpful.

National Compensation Survey: Occupational Wages in the United States

American Salaries and Wages Survey - BUS REF HD4973.A67

Relocating? Cost of living data

Remember to take cost of living into account when considering a salary!  Large city vs suburb, Northeast vs Southwest....

Looking internationally?

Recommended Books and Journals

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How to Negotiate Salary: Wall Street Journal 

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