Target Company Lists

You know the top five companies in your industry - expand that list to great firms you might not have top of mind. Customize a list of companies you want to consider working at with databases that will let you select firms by your target location, industry and more.

Target companies based on your personal criteria

Best Places to Work Rankings

Vault ranks top employers and top internships for a variety of business areas each year (consulting, finance, consumer products and more).

GlassDoor: 50 Best Places to Work Employees' Choice Award Winners - updated annually based on employee feedback. 

Industry specific resources

  • Consultants Directory Directory of 30,000 firms with expertise in finance, marketing, management & more. Arranged by geography and consulting activity/industry
  • Consultants & Consulting Organizations Directory Guide to 27,000 US & CanadiansFirms in Business, Technology, Environment and more. Target by industry or geography
  • Sports Business Research Network Includes a complete directory of U.S. and Canadian college sports programs, as well as over 10,000 sports organizations
  • Corporate Finance Sourcebook 3000+ listings of VC firms,investment banks, pension managers, security analysts, CPA accounting firms,international VC firms & merchant bankers. Lists types of financing preferred and minimum investment