Business Essentials

Spring Schedule 2017

An exclusive program to sharpen BBA business research skills. Students may choose from 10 classes each semester on topics ranging from finance to marketing to Advanced Google. Get familiar with YOUR business library databases in order to complete your class projects efficiently and conduct your internship and career research effectively. All classes earn Junior Seminar credit.

How it Works

  • One week in advance of the class, register on the BBA Portal/Jr. Seminar section. There are 25 spots, with a waiting list for 5. If someone cancels, you automatically move up.
  • Arrive 10 minutes prior to class to check-in, classes start on time, no latecomers admitted
  • Each class is 1 hr 30 minutes.
  • Research Marathons are offered once a semester. Marathons are 2 classes - Part I and Part II - "back-to-back-with-a-snack." Earn 2 Jr. Seminar credits in 1 day.
  • Complete 4 classes to earn Business Certification. Certificates are distributed at the end of the semester
Benefits of Business Certification

It's a competitive world out there - employers are looking for critical, analytical thinkers.

Knowing how to discern what information is needed, where to find it efficiently, evaluating the information critically and applying it to solve a business issue are all highly sought after skills in the professional world.

Information competency is a valuable skill for case competitions, internship and job research, study abroad research and applying to be a teaching or research assistant.