Aggregate financial, valuation, industry, and operational data; available for U.S., states, and metro areas; includes large and small businesses, and startups.

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3.3.2020 - New Content: Business Valuation tools, multiples and projections for 10M U.S. businesses; and customizable industry SWOT analysis.


  • Financial Analysis - Industry benchmarks and KPIs for U.S., States, and Metro areas; includes 5000 industries
  • Market Analysis - Industry analysis for 9000 lines of business for U.S., State, County, Metro areas, Zip Codes, and customizable radio
  • Vestimate Business Values - Valuation tools, multiples, and projections for 10M U.S. business operations


Industry and Valuation Financial Analysis Reports include:

  • Industry Financial Reports -Industry financial ratios, balance sheet and detailed Profit & Loss statements. U.S., state and metro area reports. 43 financial ratios; 3-5 year reports, and up to 10 more legacy data years. Very useful for valuations and business plans.
  • Micro-Firm Profit-Loss Reports - 1040C formatstartup or sole proprietorship profit-loss benchmarks with 8 ratios. 3-5 year reports. Very useful for entrepreneurship plans.
  • Sales Per Square Foot Reports - Compiled from 131,000 retail stores. Industry statistics detailed by companyin 14 industries.  Very useful for real estate projects.
  • Vestimate-Pro Valuation Reports - Draws from 5000 lines of business and 32,000 business transactions; combines financial and industry analytics; allows for customizable integration of benchmark years and KPIs.
  • Vestimate Market Value Reports - Value estimates for over 12M U.S. business operations; 5000 industries; custom market area; quartile values; ranges and unlimited "what if" analysis.
Industry Market Reports include:
  • Industry Market Trend Reports - 3-year industry market research trends; 9000 industries; U.S., State, and metro areas; competitive analysis and mapped intelligence. Very useful for regional, small business, and entrepreneurial plans.
  • Competitive Market Narrative Reports - competitive analysis of business, industries, and market areas down to the zip code level. Very useful for entrepreneurial plans.
  • 3-Ring Demographic Reports - Custom-select radii for population demographics in U.S. markets; value and percentages for population, age, race-ethnicity, employment, income, education, and housing.

SWOT-XPRESS - Generate customizable report for a business, comparing industry financial, market, and business value analysis.

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Get started with this  BizMiner Industry Market Report video tutorial (3 minutes). Also, BizMiner's FAQ contains details about the data and methodology in their reports.

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