Consumer Brand Analytics

Total market consumer brand analytics for 20+ brand categories.

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Over 200 brands identified with product categories including: Athletic Footwear; Communications; Financial; Food & Drink; and Transportation.  Drawn from nationwide surveys, data includes demographic, social media, frequency of use, and sports fan engagement.

Insights include: 

  • Annual data (2017-)
  • Youth (ages 13-17) and adult (ages 18+) market coverage
  • Brand switching patterns

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Includes reports covering brand loyalty and brand switching, for example: 

To search Coca-Cola:

    1) Click on "Soft Drinks"

    2) In the menu that appears, click on "Brands"

    3) In the menu that appears, click on the "Coca-Cola" link, and scroll down to find the brand loyalty/brand switching format.

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