Thomson Reuters Eikon

U.S. and international public company financials, pricing, deals, fixed income, global market, economic data. Only source for Wall Street analyst reports.

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Thomson Reuters Eikon and FactSet are available remotely.  FactSet requires registration that takes 3-5 days for activation; we recommend you register now to avoid access delays.

For Spring 2021, Bloomberg is available via on-campus and via remote access.

 Eikon offers a custom layout featuring frequently used apps and content for COVID-19; it is designed to maximize limited screen space.  Follow these steps for access.  

Select Thomson Reuters Eikon - Web Access > Sign In  and pick a User ID/Password from the list in GBS SharePoint; if you get a warning that the ID is already in use, choose a different User ID.  When done, always sign out by clicking on the orange HOME icon on upper left corner, then clicking on CLOSE.  See our cheat sheet here.

User IDs reset at midnight.  Always save your work on your own devices.

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Accessing and Using Eikon

Eikon is available on the web and via client.    Review the features and compatibility comparison for web and desktop versions.

  • On your laptop:  Select Web Access > Sign In
    • No Excel add-in functionality
  • In the Business Library:  Eikon and the Excel add-in is installed on Milan and Shanghai computers.  
    • Use passwords in GBS Sharepoint.  
    • Note each terminal has its own unique login credential.  Make sure you are using the correct User ID/password for the terminal you are at to avoid locking yourself out.  

Technical Support: 1-800-738-8377 - Select Option #1, then Option #2

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Short Video Courses

Eikon short video courses: Get Started, and Market Segments: commodities, equity, fixed income and more

(Note: short course videos are free; you must enter your name and Emory email to access).

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If you encounter a technical problem accessing this database, please let us know.

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