U.S. and international public company historical and current financials, pricing, deals, fixed income, global market, economic data, and more.

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Also includes deals, government, corporate, mortgage, money market, municipal, preferred, equity, commodity, index and currency issues.  Contains some private company data.

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  • Self-paced interactive training program focused on financial modeling in Excel; beginning with Excel  basics, you progress through a series of complex model-building exercises and assessment questions.
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  • If I successfully complete all of the Knowledge Base Financial Modeling modules, can I put this on my resume?Yes, if you complete all 19 modules and pass the exams with a grade of 70% or higher, you can notate “Factset Knowledge Base Certified” on your resume.  If your employer contacts Factset, they can look you up in their system and verify that you did complete all of the modules.


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