U.S. and international public company historical and current financials, pricing, deals, fixed income, global market, economic data, and more.

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  2. When prompted for your graduation month/year, provide correct information; all data is verified by Emory.
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Also includes deals, government, corporate, mortgage, money market, municipal, preferred, equity, commodity, index and currency issues.  Contains some private company data.

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  • 1.877.FACTSET (1.877.322.8738) available 24x7: help for accessing, logging in, or using specific applications or functionality

Accessing and Using FactSet in the Business Library

  • In the Business Library: FactSet Client with Excel add-in is installed on Sao Paulo and La Paz computers.

Differences between web access (MyFactset) and the Business Library client install

  • What’s the same?  
    • Content and search functionality
  • What’s different?
    • Excel functionality
      • Client version – only option for using Excel Add-In
      • Web access – can pull multiple data points for a single entity
    • eLearning  - Many excellent 2 minute+ videos, including quick access to the most frequently watched videos.
      • Client version – click on the eLearning tab within FactSet 
      • Web Access – access separately at: https://learn.factset.com; if prompted to login, use your FactSet username/password

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