U.S. and international public company historical and current financials, pricing, deals, fixed income, global market, economic data, and more.

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FactSet and Thomson Reuters Eikon are available remotely.  For  Spring 2021, Bloomberg is available via on-campus and via remote access.

NOTE: FactSet requires registration which takes 3-5 days for activation; we recommend you register now to avoid access delays. To register:  

  1. Use your emory.edu email to register via GBS SharePoint. All other emails will be rejected.
  2. When prompted for your graduation month/year, provide correct information; all data is verified by Emory.
  3. Within a week, you will get an email confirming registration/login information.
  4. Login at https://my.factset.com (web access cheat sheet
Also includes deals, government, corporate, mortgage, money market, municipal, preferred, equity, commodity, index and currency issues.  Contains some private company data.

Need Help?

FactSet HelpDesk

  • 1.877.FACTSET (1.877.322.8738) available 24x7: help for accessing, logging in, or using specific applications or functionality

Accessing and Using FactSet in the Business Library

  • In the Business Library: FactSet Client with Excel add-in is installed on Sao Paulo and La Paz computers.

Differences between web access (MyFactset) and the Business Library client install

  • What’s the same?  
    • Content and search functionality
  • What’s different?
    • Excel functionality
      • Client version – only option for using Excel Add-In
      • Web access – can pull multiple data points for a single entity
    • eLearning  - Many excellent 2 minute+ videos, including quick access to the most frequently watched videos.
      • Client version – click on the eLearning tab within FactSet 
      • Web Access – access separately at: https://learn.factset.com; if prompted to login, use your FactSet username/password

Factset Search Suggestions

FactSet Core Certification

  • Learn to use FactSet to analyze multiple asset classes - completion time averages 4 hours
  • Includes 4 learning components, each with its own quiz, plus a final quiz at the end (each part must be completed in order)
    • Part I: Navigating Fact: Navigating FactSet
    • Part II: Staying on Top of the Markets
    • Part III: Equities
    • Part IV: Fixed Income
    • FactSet Core Certification Exam
  • Get Started:  login at https://learn.factset.com 
    • On left beneath Home, click Catalog
    • Click Getting Started tab
    • Click FactSet Core Certification
    • Click Register button
  • Maximum of two attempts to pass and receive certification
  • After receiving a passing score of 70 or above on the cumulative exam, you are able to download a certificate
  • Once you have the certificate, you may add “FactSet Core Certified” onto your resume
  • Use this link to add a Core Certification badge to your LinkedIn profiles

Knowledge Base Financial Modeling

  • Self-paced interactive training program focused on financial modeling in Excel; beginning with Excel  basics, you progress through a series of complex model-building exercises and assessment questions.
  • View detailed description of all 19 chapters.
  • If you complete all 19 modules and pass the exams with a grade of 70% or higher, you can add “FactSet Knowledge Base Certified” on your resume.  If your employer contacts FactSet, they can look you up in their system and verify that you did complete all of the modules.

Report a Problem

If you encounter a technical problem accessing this database, please let us know.

Proper Use of GBL Databases

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