Roberto C. Goizueta Speech Collection

Roberto Goizueto's digitized, searchable transcripts of speeches, delivered May 1957 - September 1997.

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The Coca-Cola Company has granted a license to the Goizueta Business School for use of approximately 588 digitized transcripts of Mr. Goizueta's speeches.  These transcripts, many of which include his hand-written notes, reveal important lessons about Mr. Goizueta's legacy as an extraordinary leader.

GBS faculty and students are permitted to use these materials for academic purposes and personal study only, including as part of the GBS leadership development courses.

Access to these materials is limited to the current Goizueta Business School community.

GBS faculty and students may quote from these materials, providing an academically correct citation that acknowledges Roberto Goizueta as the speaker and The Coca-Cola Company as the owner of the speeches is cited.

Please send any questions about access or use of these materials to

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