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  1. AtoZdatabases: Target Company Lists

    Create custom target lists from 30 million U.S. business profiles by geography, industry, size, and more. Results can be downloaded to Excel.

  2. Hoovers / Dun & Bradstreet

    Create custom target lists from 100M+ worldwide businesses by geography, industry, revenue, and more.

  3. MarketLine Advantage

    Country and public and private company profiles, including SWOT analyses for the top 1000+ companies. Industry profiles include Porter's Five Forces analysis.

  4. Nexis Uni (formerly LexisNexis Academic)

    News, journals, and company profiles and directories for both public and private companies

  5. Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage

    50+ industry profiles, U.S. public company Stock Reports with 10 years of financials.

  6. Thomson ONE

    U.S. and international public company financials, pricing, deals, fixed income, global market, economic data. Only source for Wall Street analyst reports.

  7. Uniworld: American and Foreign Companies with Global Operations

    Create custom lists of domestic and international firms with a presence globally in 200+ countries. Results can be downloaded to Excel.