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  1. Conference Board Research

    Reports on management trends and best practices of high priority to large global companies. Includes historical economic data, consumer confidence, and more.

  2. Credo Reference Unlimited

    60+ e-books on business, finance, and economics. Choose from titles such as The A-to-Z of Corporate Social Responsibility and BUSINESS: The Ultimate Resource.

  3. EconLit

    Scholarly articles from 400+ economic journals, books, and dissertations.

  4. IMF eLibrary

    Economic, financial, and trade time series data and reports for 200+ countries.

  5. National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)

    Scholarly papers, books, and videos on topics such as commodity prices, tax policy, economic crises, management, and more.

  6. OECDiLibrary

    Analysis and data from OECD's books, reports, and statistics, including annual industry factbooks on energy, healthcare, agriculture, and more.

  7. Passport

    Market research reports on global service and industrial sectors, countries and companies profiles, economic data, consumer behaviors and lifestyles.