Overdrive Audiobooks

Listen to nearly 100 best selling business books via Overdrive through Goizueta Business Library. Download the audiobooks to your favorite mobile device and catch up on your business literature while driving or traveling!

How do I download an Overdrive audiobook?

 Download the free Overdrive app to your mobile device and add Emory as your library.  

Want more detailed instructions? 

I downloaded an .ODM file. Is this the audiobook?

The .ODM file is not the audiobook; it is a file that should prompt a download of the audiobook file. Once you have downloaded the OverDrive app to your mobile device, right click on the .ODM file and select "Open with OverDrive Media Console." This should prompt OverDrive to open, and your audiobook to download.  

How long can I check out (borrow) an audiobook for?

You may check out the audiobooks for 2 weeks.  

This lending period is set by Emory Libraries, and can not be changed.  However, you may renew your book if there is not a hold on it after the two week check out time frame.

Can I renew my audiobook?

Yes, you may renew your audiobook if no one is waiting.

  1. Log into your account on Overdrive
  2. On your library Bookshelf, select the Renew link by the book you'd like to renew
  3. Confirm your email address in the pop up window, and click the Renew button 

How many audiobooks may I check out at one time?

You may check out two items from OverDrive at one time.

Are there any late fees for audiobooks?

No need to worry about late fees, your audiobook will expire from your device when the loan period is up.  Don't worry, you'll get an alert from Overdrive before this happens!

May I place a hold on an audiobook someone else has checked out right now?

yes, you can place up to 4 titles on hold at a time. You’ll receive an email notification when a title you placed on hold becomes available. Once the email is sent, you’ll have 3 days (72 hours) to check out the title before your hold is canceled. Or, you can turn on automatic borrowing and your book will be checked out to you as soon as it is available.

Where can I make suggestions for new audiobook purchases?

The business librarians welcome your suggestions for future purchases.