Revenues from Sports Venues (RSV)

Ticket pricing information, luxury & club seats, venue details such as seat numbers, naming rights, attendance, seat licenses, construction financing, and more.

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The RSV database contains data on baseball, basketball, football, hockey and soccer, both major and minor league teams; statistics are available for more than 300 colleges and universities that offer football and men’s basketball in NCAA’s top divisions. Comparison charts allow you to see the teams in a league or conference together for easy reference.

RSV includes data on the number and prices for luxury suites at each venue, what teams charge for season and single game tickets, how venue construction was funded, the revenues earned by college sports programs, the population and business demographics of a marketplace and much, much more.

Market Profiles link the information from RSV's proprietary venue database to Census and other data to give you a snapshot of the marketplace. You will see the total number of luxury suites – both pro and college, price ranges, businesses broken out by size, population broken out by age and ethnicity and lots more.

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