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Consumer product preferences and media usage; drawn from the National Consumer Survey of 25,000+ U.S. adults. 2 year data time lag.

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12.21.18 New data sets available in Simmons include Simmons Connect (NCHS, mobile and sports fans), New Media, Simmons Local (Atlanta), and NCS Teen Study.  Learn more.

Create cross-tab reports to identify the demographic, psychographic and store visit characteristics and media usage of your marketing target. 

Data is availalbe on a 2-year lag as part of our academic license.   New content updated Sept. 1 of each year.

Searching Simmons: Select from Four Study Datasets

Simmons offers four different study datasets to choose from: Simmons Connect, New Media, Simmons Local, and NCS Teen Study.  To choose between these datsets, choose the “Study” button after you log in.

Simmons Connect

  • Simmons NCHS Study: National Consumer Survey of 25,000+ U.S. adults, ages 18+
  • Simmons Connect: contains the passively measured media, e.g. mobile apps and websites
  • Sports Fan Study

New Media NHCS Study 2016

  • Studies social media questions, attitudes, behaviors

SimmonsLocal (Atlanta) Study 2016

  • Includes same questions as NHCS Adult Survey, but specific to Atlanta

NCS Teen Study 2016

  • Covers teens ages 12-17

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