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Finance and consulting interview courses, video library, and company database

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Interview Courses include: 

  • Technical Interview Course
  • Behavioral Interview Course
  • Networking Course
  • Hedge Fund Interview Course 
  • Consulting Interview Course
  • Prop Trading Course
  • Real Estate Modeling Course
  • and more...

WSO Video Library

  • Key tips to approaching tough questions, including recorded mock interviews and detailed Q&A finance videos with Wall Street practitioners and business school professors
  • 80+ recordings include time stamps of questions and content so you can select the specific sections relevant to you
  • Investment Banking, Sales and Trading, Corporate Finance, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Management Consulting and more

WSO Company Database

  • Covers 5,000+ firms in investment banking, corporate finance, private equity, management consulting firms, hedge funds, and asset management
  • Peer reported salary data includes minimum, maximum, median and average base salary and cash bonus by position as well as examples of questions asked at interviews

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