Faculty Authored Books

Each Business Kindle is pre-loaded with Goizueta faculty authored books.  No WiFi connection required - all the books are ready for your off-line reading.

This service is made available by the Goizueta Business Library for the Goizueta Business School only.

The Business School in the Twenty-First Century

Sheth, Jagdish

In this book, three world experts share their critical insights on management education and new business school models in the USA, Europe and Asia, on designing the business school of the future, and how to make it work.

Firms of Endearment

Sheth, Jagdish N.; Sisodia, Rajendra S.; Wolfe, David B.

Today's companies are changing their culture and generating every form of value that matters: emotional, experiential, social, and financial. And they're doing it for all their stakeholders. Not because it's simply politically correct, because it's the only path to long-term competitive advantage.

Clients for Life

Sheth, Jagdish; Sobel, Andrew

This book illustrates the most important attributes and strategies of extraordinary client advisers and shows how you can use them to enrich your own relationships. It provides professionals with the tools and insights they need to reap the rewards of lifetime client loyalty.

The Rule of Three

Sheth, Jagdish; Sisodia, Rajendra; Sisodia, Rajendra S.

THE RULE OF THREE offers counterintuitive insights, which inform suggested strategies for the 'Big 3' players, as well as for mid-sized companies that may want to mount a challenge and for specialists who want to flourish.

Social Media Intelligence

Moe, Wendy W.; Schweide, David A.

The book can help anyone facing the challenge of making sense of social media data to move beyond the current practice of social media monitoring to more comprehensive use of social media intelligence.

Winning the Global Game

Rosensweig, Jeffrey A.

"Winning the Global Game" demonstrates that adopting a global perspective now is a win-win strategy that links people and profits. It will be important reading for all multinational executives and managers in firms which are going global.

How to Make Money with Social Media

Shah, Reshma; Turner, Jamie

This is an authoritative, up-to-the-minute resource, written by experts who have made social media marketing work for many of the world's largest companies.This guide brings together both practical strategies and proven execution techniques for driving maximum value from social media marketing.