Using Business Library Resources During Your Internship

Your Business Librarians are here all summer! For internship projects, we can recommend search strategies and alternatives to our subscription databases. (Download PDF).  

Review the Proper Use of GBL and Emory Libraries Subscription Databases During Your Internship

It is illegal to use Emory library databases for your internship.

Emory database licensing agreements allow student usage for coursework, career exploration and personal enrichment.

Ask a Business Librarian for Help

Your Business Librarians are here all summer! We're happy to send you e-recommendations or set up a time for a phone consultation. Ask a Librarian.

For internship projects, we can recommend search strategies and alternatives to our subscription databases (trade or government organizations; advanced Google strategies, etc.)

If your company has their own subscription to a research database (this is pretty common!), we're happy to recommend search strategies and tips for using it.

Leverage your Goizueta IMPACT Business Intelligence Skills

Use advanced Google search strategies and think about where information lives.

Always Cite Your Sources

Always comply with your company's licensing terms for subscription databases.

Don't plagiarize! Remember your ethical and legal copyright obligations; cite all sources you use in your presentations and reports. Giving credit to the sources you reference in your presentation is not only about compliance with copyright laws (database vendors require citations as part of their licensing agreements); it’s also a critical part of building credibility and trust with your client.

Citing Sources in your Slide Decks

This handout covers the proper formats for citing popular business research sources using Chicago (also known as Turabian) Style both on PPT slides and in your bibliography. 

Although you may not use Emory's licensed databases during your internship to manage your citations, there are many free resources to manage and format your works cited pages available online (for example, EasyBib's free version).   

You CAN Use Library Databases for Your Personal Enrichment!

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Keep up with the best business ideas and thoughts: Business Book Summaries and getAbstract contain audio and PDF book summaries.

Overdrive Business Audiobooks include 100+ business books available to listen to on the go.

Stay current on your business news: Read the, and your local city's Business Chronicle.

Download These Apps

If they’re not on your phone or tablet yet, download them before you leave for the summer!  Here's our cheat sheet to get started.