Business Essentials

Business Essentials Fall 2020 Schedule

Find the Fall 2020 Business Essentials Class Schedule at this link or by clicking on the image above.

What is Business Essentials?

The Goizueta Business Library's BBA Business Essentials (BE) Jr. Seminar program is focused on helping you to develop the skills to gather information or evidence to support thorough, well-reasoned business decision making. The classes are aligned with your BBA coursework and interview prep for internships and jobs. Topics range from investment banking to entrepreneurship to marketing, and more.

Conducting research should not be seen as an impulse-shopping expedition, in which you are pulling interesting-looking pieces of information from the shelves, placing them in your cart, and hoping that in the end you can cook up a decent story from the miscellaneous bits of evidence you've collected.

Rather, you need to examine the information to see what insight it might be providing, and interrogate it, to see what additional, deeper insights it might reveal. The result will be more thoughtful answers to the questions and issues that you've been asked to explore.

What can I expect to learn in the Business Essentials classes?

  • Practice translating business problems or questions into effective search strategies.
  • Techniques for distinguishing between credible and questionable sources of information.
  • Sources to research companies and industries for internship/job interview preparation.
  • Learn to use a range of specialized business databases and web resources for topics such as Ibanking, consumer behavior, company target lists, entrepreneurship, digital markets, and more.
Business Intelligence Information User Pyramid

Will I receive Junior Seminar credit if I arrive late or leave early for a BE session?

As per the BBA Program Office and the syllabus for Junior Seminar classes, you must arrive on time and stay for the entire length of the session, including online sessions, in order to receive credit. Attendees who arrive late or leave early for any reason will not be credited for that particular session. 

How do I sign up for an online BE class?

For Canvas classes, register through the BBA Portal from the beginning of the semester to the last day that the class is open. Registrants will be added to Canvas courses on a rolling basis. 

For Zoom classes, register through the BBA Portal from the beginning of the semester to the day before the class starts. You will receive an invitation to the Zoom class the morning of the class.

When do I earn the Junior Seminar credit for BE classes taught in Canvas?

You can start and complete the online BE class at any point during the period that the class is open, but you will not receive your Jr. Seminar credit until the class has closed and all the grading is completed – typically within 5 days.

How long will it take to complete an online BE class?

Our business librarians have specifically designed online Canvas content to take approximately the same amount of time as an in-person class or Zoom class - an hour and a half of continuous work. You can complete the various modules for your online course anytime that the Canvas class is open, but all must be completed in order to receive credit.

How can I confirm the number of credits I've earned and/or the titles of the classes I have taken?

Send an email to with your question and the GBL staff will respond with your information.

Why should I pursue obtaining a BE Research Certificate?

The knowledge you gain and the skills you develop around conducting thoughtful, quality research and using authoritative sources will help you be successful in your class projects, internships and jobs.

How do I earn a BE Research Certificate?

Complete 3 Business Essentials credits while you are enrolled in the GBS BBA program. We encourage you to take as many classes as you would like. 

When will I get my BE Research Certificate?

Research Certificates are awarded at the end of both the Fall and Spring semesters. When you have earned a minimum of 3 BE credits, you will receive an email from the Goizueta Business Library approximately 1-2 weeks before the end of the semester congratulating you on receiving the certificate.

Should I include the BE Research Certificate in my resume?

Absolutely! It tells future employers a positive story about your ability to contribute to their organization’s focus on gathering and analyzing viable evidence in support of decision making and problem solving. Once you have earned your 3 credits, you can add it to your resume.