AtoZdatabases: Target Company Lists

Create custom target lists from 30 million U.S. business profiles by geography, industry, size, and more. Results can be downloaded to Excel.

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Hoovers and AtoZdatabases both have unique features for building target custom lists. 

Wondering which database to use for your research?  Check out this comparison chart:

What do you want to do? AtoZdatabases Hoovers
Create target lists by geography, industry, employee count, etc. Yes Yes
Download target lists to Excel Yes No
Search International Companies No Yes (85M)
Search Domestic Companies Yes (30M) Yes (17M)
View current job postings on each company record Yes No
Download brief company reports on all companies Yes Yes
Download detailed company reports on large companies No


Other data in AtoZDatabases includes: Premier Residential Database: 220 million US residents, over 19 million new movers and over 3 million new homeowners, updated weekly. Search by 135 Interest/ Hobbies/Lifestyles, geography, household income and more.

The mash-up will also show you current job listings at companies on your target list.

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