Course Reserves

The library provides online access to course reading materials through Library Course Reserves.  Additionally, these course reserves can be linked to your Canvas course.

Click here to download our Faculty Services document.research-learning/faculty-services/GBL-Faculty-Services_Revised-May-2019.pdf

Who to contact in the Business Library

 To set up GBS Course Reserves, contact and/or Jacqui Brown at

What information we need from you

Email a syllabus and/or course reading list with full citations to and/orJacqui Brown at to begin the process.

Complete citations expedite delivery.

 We can work with Area Administrators and Teaching Assistants.

Turnaround time to process your request

We ask that the request and information be sent as early as possible.

Complete citations expedite delivery.

GBL rules and regulations on course reserves items are in compliance with Emory’s Corporate Council.

If you are a Canvas user interested in posting content (journal articles, book chapters, etc.) for which you do not own the copyright, please work through the Course Reserves system, and our library staff will assist you with permissions, fair use, public domain, and other issues. A link to your reserves list can be created and placed directly into your Canvas course site.

(See full policy through Woodruff Library's Course Reserves page.)