Wall Street Oasis Alumni Edition

Consulting or Finance Focused? Wall Street Oasis for Alumni

Thanks to the contribution of class gifts, the Goizueta Business Library is able to provide all Goizueta Business School alumni access to Wall Street Oasis, career content primarily focused on careers in finance and consulting.

Goizueta Alumni may request access to this content (approval requires 48 hrs, M-F).  ASK a Librarian for details.

Once your access is approved, follow these tips to register.  

Interview Courses include: 

  • Technical Interview Course
  • Behavioral Interview Course
  • Networking Course
  • Consulting Interview Course
  • Real Estate Modeling Course 
  • and more...

WSO Video Library

  • Key tips to approaching tough questions, including recorded mock interviews and detailed Q&A finance videos with Wall Street practitioners and business school professors
  • 80+ recordings include time stamps of questions and content so you can select the specific sections relevant to you
  • Investment Banking, Sales and Trading, Corporate Finance, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Management Consulting and more

WSO Company Database

  • Covers 5,000+ firms in investment banking, corporate finance, private equity, management consulting firms, hedge funds, and asset management
  • Peer reported salary data includes minimum, maximum, median and average base salary and cash bonus by position as well as examples of questions asked at interviews